How To Eliminate Termites From Your Home

wooden floor sealingWhen it comes to termites though, things get a little more complicated. First of all, termites are so tiny that they are extremely hard to spot with the naked eye. Look for signs of chewed wood, whether it’s the walls, floor or wooden furniture in your house. If there are signs of damaged wood, it is likely that there are termites nearby. Sometimes, it’s even hard to ascertain wood damage because some species of termites like chewing through the insides of the wooden structure, as opposed to its surface. If you see raised bumps on the wooden flooring, and if that area doesn’t have a water leak, chances are there’s a termite infestation going on beneath the wood.

In such cases, you might want to get in contact with a pest control specialist. But if the damage isn’t too extensive, perhaps you have a chance to deal with the infestation yourself at a much lower cost. Some termite sprays such as Termidor work really well in getting rid of termites. You should really also get a pest spray so that the spray solution can reach into the hard-to-reach areas like narrow gaps or crevices in your house. Stoves, cupboard spaces and cracks are just examples of locations where pests like roaches tend to hide.

Some people also like to reduce their carbon footprint even when it comes to pests. Such solutions are deemed ‘natural’ enough that they won’t damage the environment. How effective is it though? It depends. Most of the natural pest control products out on the market really aren’t strong enough to do any damage to even home pests. According to the Department of Agriculture, most chemical pesticides do stay around a lot longer as opposed to organic products.